Maya Bosman
With her forever optimistic gaze on the world, Maya’s creations remind us to look at the bigger picture and invite us to connect to the enormous power that dwells within our human consciousness.
Joseph Garside
A musician with a focus on creating intimate pieces centered around delicate harmony and dynamic play. Striving to express intricate human emotion in the simplest musical form.
MC Barnes
MC Barnes is a half Chinese half American casting director and mother agent. She makes sure through all her work that she empowers others, and propels those from minorities to the front of the visual industry. As the fashion / creative industry often lacks consideration and personability, MC finds power in encouraging both sensitivity and vulnerability with everyone she works with.
Amrit Singh Sandhu
Amrit Singh Sandhu is an Indian artist. Her work revolves around the idea of memory and exploring how everyone has their own unique version of reality through the invented characters in her oil paintings with enhanced expressions and personalities. Primarily working with oil paints, her current focus has shifted to translating her ideas and curiosity into wearable pieces of art, merging design and painting.
Jessica Luostarinen
Jessica Luostarinen (b. 1993, Helsinki, Finland) is an artist working across multiple disciplines. Her work focuses on the play of colour and movement, creating abstract reactions to the world around her. She works with painting, drawing and textiles. The process of painting itself can be a performative improvisational dance, where the spontaneous gesture serves as the creative driving force. In her textile work, she is interested in bringing the construction to the forefront, sculpting the materials into wearable pieces.
Coming from a small district on the outskirts of Helsinki her work is a energetic retaliation to the small town mentality. Having moved away and lived transiently from the age of fifteen her inspiration draws from the many places and people she has spent time with.
Jasmin Schreiber
Born in the South of Germany, raised in Southeast Asian capital Jakarta, Jasmin is an artist and cultural scholar who works across several creative practices. Her musical project received a feature on BBC London, her work on Cyberpunk Fictions was selected for presentation at CTM Festival 2022, and both the Berlin Arts Council and Migration Council generously supported the arts collective she co-founded. At Suspension of Belief, she will present her debut solo performance titled ‘Grounded’. The performance will take the form of a ceremony in which she attempts to reconcile two identities; the artist and the worker.
Sophie Woodage
Woodage continues her creative development with unique works in progress, natural and wild - freeing from the confines, an ever evolving journey of transformation. Physical and abstract renderings of the unseen are given form into works of perceivable states.
Jordan Bourzig
French being based in London, creating the abstract reality of his mind with digital tools. Loving the story telling and sharing his visions and thoughts, he’s using video as a channel to tell the story of his mind eyes. Also believing that a more beautiful world in our hearts is possible.

Liza Molnár
Liza Molnár is a Hungarian multidisciplinary artist based in London.
Her work explores natural shapes and our functional relationships with them. Molnár’s digital and analogue practice extends across mediums of drawing, sculpture, and photography.

Gabriella Jeans
London-born multidisciplinary artist Gabriella Jeans creates vibrantly ethereal work which explores modern spirituality. Recognising the similarity between art and magick, the art itself can take the form of spells. Investigating belief systems from witchcraft to paganism, Jeans accentuates the crucial role art plays in shaping consensus reality.

Sarah Alia Slaity aka GentleArab
Sarah Alia Slaity (b. 1992, Venice, Italy) is a London based archival pen and tattoo artist who focuses on black work and fine lines. Her style showcases a fine blend of worldwide folklore figures and typography inspired by nature and it’s surroundings taking the viewer into a fantasy journey.
Bosman's Baking
For the opening night, Blanche will treat you with "eat what you see" food that will represent some of the arts displayed for a full-on experience.

Jack Snell
Jack Snell is a London-born multidisciplinary artist. Both maladjusted and obsessive, Snell’s work explores the limits of suggestibility. With a practice that lays bare the conformity that animates our social world, Snell self-consciously compromises the unsaid.

Sam Mackinnon
Sam is a baker and chef who loves to indulge palates with hearty and delicious food.

Minus Kendal
Minus Kendal is a record collector, DJ and host of the monthly Corticeps show on NTS Radio.

Mich Vasca
Consciousness of Michael Spartano.
A walk to the new world, where mind wouldn’t be the ruler and art would be the only language.

Michael Spartano
Mich Vasca
Caterina Violetta
Living between two names and two homes -Italy and London- Caterina Violetta uses pottery to replicate elements and impressions that she captures going through the world, trying to convey the magic that she sees in them. Welcome to her colourful world!
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